We consider it important to cultivate a relationship with our clients. It is paramount to us, that while their sale will probably be the only time we will be working with them, we want to ensure that we exceed their expectations. When we are fortunate to receive a recommendation from a client, we know we have done our job well.​

 Cordell & Kristy S. ( Cape Coral) - 2019  "You exceeded our expectations and more.  We give you an A+ now. We would recommend Élan Estate Sales."

 Eileen U. ( Fort Myers) - 2019  "You exceeded my expectations.  I would recommend you and I will use you again." 

 Suzanne M. (South Fort Myers) - 2019  "More than met my expectations.  I was so pleased with the whole process, the cleaning up, etc., was over the top.  I couldn't have asked for more." 

Tom & Sharon H.   (South Fort Myers) - 2019  "Well organized and prompt payment.  While we were disappointed in the turnout, we realize that was not your fault. We would recommend them"

 Note:  we advertise to all estate sale sites, newspaper and emails.  We hope for a huge turnout for every sale, but it is out of our control. 

Alice P.   (South Fort Myers) - 2019  " Élan Estate Sales is very professional and manages your expectations very well.  I would recommend them"

Sharon B.   (South Fort Myers) - 2018  " Élan Estate Sales absolutely met my expectations.  They were a pleasure to work with and things went very smooth.  Great choice!"

Emily B. (Alva) - 2018  "Vickie actually answered my phone call when i was researching estate sale companies.  She gave me a very useful tip about my HOA.  Not one of the other 2 companies called me back.  So once I figured out the HOA rules and regulations I called her back and never looked around for another company.  She helped me deal with a very difficult time in my life with my mom's and step dad's stuff.  Thank you and I would highly recommend you"

Harold W.  (South Fort Myers )  - 2018

"I am very happy with the outcome.  I would recommend Élan Estate Sales."

Connie & John H.  (South Fort Myers )  - 2018

"Exceeded my expectations.  No improvements needed.  I was very impressed with the pre-sale preparations and the follow up after the sale.   I would  recommend you."

Melanie J.  (South Fort Myers )  - 2018

Very professional job detailing everything for sale.  Really impressed with how well you priced items and ensured I received payment for everything sold.  Set up and clean up fantastic!  I would definitely recommend you."

Dirk D.  (Sanibel )  - 2018

Liquidation of extensive coin and historical documents collection.  "You definitely met my expectations.  I have been extremely pleased with the trust and service you provided.  I would definitely recommend you."

Josie & Jerry M. (Fort Myers)  - 2018

"We wanted to let you know that we greatly appreciated the effort and outcome of the estate sale you handled for us.  You were very prompt, efficient and professional.  Our expectations were met and exceeded.  In addition,the follow up with payment and detail was excellent.  We would definitely recommend your services."

Marjorie D. (Lehigh Acres)  - 2018

"You more than met my expectations.  I did not attend any sale days as per agreed in contract; but from reports from persons who did, everything was done as it should have been done, including consideration for neighbors!"

Mark A. (Sanibel)  - 2018

"Everything went very well.  Your work was timely and professional.  Excellent planning and execution.  A pleasure to work with you and your staff."

Heidi  E. (Naples)  - 2017

"Yes, it was a pleasure to work with Vickie and her team.  Easy to work with and open for suggestions.  The house was very clean, organized and staged professionally to highlight the furniture and other items for sale."

Melissa W. (Fort Myers)  - 2017

"Yes, you met our expectations of the sale process.  Thanks for all your hard work."

Ann M. (Appleton, WI)  - 2017

"It was very well planned and organized, I feel it was very successful.  Yes I would recommend Élan Estate Sales."

Bruce N. (Cape Coral)  - 2017

" You went above and beyond our expectations!  Great job!! Thank you!  No need for improvement, you're already awesome!   Absolutely yes I would recommend Élan Estate Sales."

Diane S.   (Fort Myers)  - 2017

"Our sale went exactly as represented.   I have already recommended Élan Estate Sales!"

Gretchen L.   (Sanibel Island)  - 2017

" Élan Estate Sales was perfect!  Very professional.  Crew was efficient, honest and easy to deal with. You met my expectations.   I would  recommend Élan Estate Sales."

Sally Jane M. (Ft. Myers)  - 2017

" I wanted to let you know how happy i am to have found such pleasant and cooperative people to deal with.  Your service was exceptional and you were so considerate of me and my feelings during this time in my life.  You and your staff are a great team to work with.  I will always be happy to recommend your services to all of my friends.  The courtesy and efficiency of you and your staff has so impressed me, you can count on me among your most satisfied customers.  Thank you again for making my estate sale a success."

William M. ( Ft. Myers)  - 2017

" Élan Estate Sales was professional in every way.  So nice doing business with someone you trust and respect.  Everything was perfect!  We would recommend Élan Estate Sales. "

Rick C.    (Ft. Myers)  - 2017

" Élan Estate Sales met my expectations.  I was very pleased.  You did everything you said you would.  Very fair, transparent, honest and hard working.  Yes, I would definitelyrecommend Élan Estate Sales."

Jim & Anne B.   ( Ft. Myers)  - 2017

"Yes,  Élan Estate Sales met our expectations of the sale process.  We were very happy with the pricing.  You don't have to improve.  You were very neat, you displayed everything on tablecloths.   Everything was cleaned up in the end and a truck was sent to pick up the small amount that was leftover.  We would recommend Élan Estate Sales. "

Lynda O.   (North Ft. Myers)  - 2016

"Yes,  very professional.  Communicates throughout the sale.  Items displayed well.  We would recommend Élan Estate Sales. "

Atty. for estate of Sylvia M.   (Ft. Myers)  - 2016

"Yes you met our expectations.  Professional accommodating and helpful.   I would absolutely recommend  Élan Estate Sales. "

Kathy P.   (Ft. Myers)  - 2016

"Yes, you absolutely did a wonderful job.  Very friendly staff and courteous.  We were pleased with our sale and how organized and run the sale was.  All questions were answered by Vickie when asked and clarification of any misunderstanding if they arose.I would definitely recommend  Élan  Estate Sales. "

Janet N.   (Ft. Myers)  - 2016

" Vickie did everything she promised in a timely and efficient manner.  I would  recommend  Élan  Estate Sales. "

Mike S.   (Ft. Myers)  - 2016

"You exceeded my expectations.  Vickie and her crew did a wonderful job, start to finish.  They took the stress and emotion out of an unpleasant task.  I would  recommend  Élan  Estate Sales. "

Madeline M.   (Sanibel )  - 2016

"Most competent, organized and upscale operation.   I would most definately recommend  Élan  Estate Sales. "

Madeline E.   (Ft. Myers)  - 2015

"You exceeded my expectations.  You were professional and productive.  No room to improve - as good as it gets.  Worked cooperatively with real estate agent and closing agents.   I would  recommend  Élan  Estate Sales. "

Jeff C.   (Ft. Myers)  - 2015

" Exceeded my expectations.  You took so much pressure off our family by organizing the house and two storage units.  Can't thank you enough. I would  recommend  Élan  Estate Sales. "

Vivian E.  (Ft. Myers) - 2015

" You have made this process SEAMLESS, and I am thankful that I found your company.  Although we did not have a house full of stuff, you still managed to find a way to help us and get the job done.  Thank you very much for your help.  It was especially great since we live in Pittsburgh, PA and didn't have to fly in to take care of anything.  Thanks again! "

Marcia E.  (Naples) - 2015

" Vickie & her staff are very professional and I was impressed by howe they organized and displayed items to make my sale a success.  I would definately recommend  Élan  Estate Sales. "

Viola J.  (Ft. Myers) - 2015

" You met my expectations of the sale process.  You did a good job!  I would recommend your services.  Thank you."

Dot B.  (Naples) - 2015

" You explained the process of the sale well.  Set up the sale well, and when everything was over, did a great job getting everything out and cleaned up!  Thank you."

Leo D.   (Ft. Myers) - 2015

"Élan Estate Sales exceeded our expectations.  We were out of state and they took care of everything.  I was extremely impressed how they organized and displayed everything.    I would  recommend Élan Estate Sales.  Thank you."

Linda S.  (Estero) - 2015

"Vickie & her staff exceeded our expectations.  They turned my upside down world back to normal.  Can't imagine how Élan could improve.  We didn't have to touch a thing after we made the decision to use Élan.  I have my sanity again.   I would  recommend Élan Estate Sales and I have.    I enjoyed working with you and your staff.  You are special"

Clara T.  (Cape Coral) - 2015

"Élan Estate Sales met my expectations and more !  It was a pleasure working with you.  You covered all bases.  Vickie & her staff made a difficult time very simple. The transaction was professional and personal. I would  recommend Élan Estate Sales ."

Cindy R. (Ft. Myers) - 2015

" Was pleased by what was sold. I would  recommend Élan Estate Sales ."

Robert H.  (Cape Coral) - 2015

"Élan Estate Sales completely met my expectations!  Vickie explaind the process thoroughly and everything went exactly like she said it would.  We were very satisfied.  I would absolutely recommend Élan Estate Sales ."

Karen L. (Punta Gorda) - 2014

"Élan Estate Sales absolutely met my expectations!  Vickie came twice to meet me, took pictures and made great suggestions.  I was extremely impressed with how organized she was.  It  helped to sell personal property of my dad's so much easier.  We had no worry's leaving our home with Vickie and her staff.  Thank you!"

Greg W. (Cape Coral) - 2014

"Élan Estate Sales more than met my expectations!   Organizational skills are incredible.  Professional and friendly.  I would  recommend Élan Estate Sales."

Mary R. (Naples) -  2014

"Élan Estate Sales exceeded my  expectations!   Yes! I would  recommend Élan Estate Sales. Easiest move ever!  Thank you."

Rosary & Ron V. (Fort Myers) - 2014

"Élan Estate Sales went above and beyond our expectations!   We were amazed at your system to get the household items ready to sell.  We would  recommend Élan Estate Sales anytime.  Thanks again."

Dan S. (Fort Myers Beach) - 2014

"Élan Estate Sales exceeded my expectations!   Thanks so much for a tough job very well done. 

We appreciate you helping our family with this task.  I would absolutely recommend Élan Estate Sales. Thank you."

Helen B. (Fort Myers) - 2014

"I couldn't be happier!  The sale was successful and Vickie took care of everything!  Then made arrangements to get rid of the rest and cleaned up.  I would recommend Élan Estate Sales.  Thank you."

Annette B. (Fort Lauderdale) - 2014

"I can't say enough about how you set up the estate sale for my mom. Yes, you met our expectations and more. It was so overwhelming for us, as daughters, not only with all of her belongings, but being from out of state and trying to deal with it all. We couldn't have done it without Elan Estate Sales and gotten the results. Your professional experience had a lot to do with the outcome of the sale. Yet you were very sensitive of our feelings knowing it was hard to sell Mom's belongings. You were recommended by a friend that used your for her sale and was pleased with your company. I was so happy when you agreed to host mom's sale. Would I recommend you? "You bet i would with flying colors!" I received several notes and phone calls from neighbors and friends of mom who came to the sale. Every one of them said you did a wonderful job setting everything up. I'm so glad you were able to get a feel of what a special and one of a kind lady mom was."

Ralph & Jewel D. (Fort Myers) -2014

"The first impression of you won me over when you called my things "treasures" instead of "stuff" or "junk". Thanks for your clarity. We wish we had left more for you to sell! We were pleased with the sale process, and the prices on some of our favorite things. We were pleased with the outcome and would recommend your services."

​Patti F. (Fort Myers) - 2014

"My mother resided in Ft. Myers and when I moved her to an assisted living community, I selected Élan Estate Sales to conduct the living estate sale. Within my first phone call, Vickie put me at ease with her knowledge and skill set. She was excellent in every aspect, from beginning to end. Vickie and her staff sorted through an enormous amount of "things" my mother had collected over the years. They did so efficiently and thoroughly. The sale was set up quickly and stayed focus throughout the process. Vickie's professionalism, attention to detail and positive personality brought us fantastic estate sale results! Without hesitation, I recommend her to anyone looking to hold a moving or estate sale. She provides a total solution, offers fair rates and is the perfect combination of knowledge, compassion, humor and professionalism. She takes all the pressure off the seller by expertly representing them. Her energy and knowledge of the market for your used items, is nothing less than outstanding. Above all, she was very compassionate and a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her. Thanks so much, Vickie, for making this difficult transition easier!"

Gwendolyn S. (Cape Coral) - 2013

 "I appreciate your expertise, professionalism and hard work."

Randy M.  (Fort Myers) - 2013

Élan Estate Sales met and exceeded my expectations. My discussions were very professional and clearly communicated. A thorough knowledge of the business. The house was left in immaculate condition. The proceeds and accounting was received within the promised time frame. I would highly recommend Élan Estate Sales."

​Jay D.  (Naples) - 2013

"You passed expectations and done with no hassle and timely! "For sure we would recommend Élan Estate Sales"

Kim M.  (Cape Coral) - 2013

"You exceeded our expectations. We would absolutely recommend Élan Estate Sales"

Marian J.  (Fort Myers) - 2013

"Thank you for everything! I loved working with you and would recommend Élan Estate Sales"

Daniel P.  (Fort Myers) - 2013

"We received more than anticipated. We would recommend Élan Estate Sales"

Marianne D.  (Naples) - 2013

"You far exceeded my expectations! You did everything and made it so easy for me. I would absolutely recommend you, and already have done so! "

Victoria B.  (Fort Myers) - 2013

"You were extremely professional and knowledgeable of items to be sold. I would absolutely recommend you!"

Elsy L.  (Fort Myers) - 2013

"I would recommend your services. You were very professional."

Anne R.  (Naples) - 2012

"You staged and displayed everything beautifully. You conducted the sale and reported at the conclusion. We could not have been more pleased! I would absolutely recommend your services."

Eddie P.  (Cape Coral) - 2012

"You took care of everything from A to Z. I appreciated time spent organizing all of the items to maximize the sale. Your services really helped take a load off of me, not to mention the time saved. I would absolutely recommend you."

Renee E.  (Fort Myers) - 2012

"Your efforts show - tremendous job! We would absolutely recommend you."

Beth D.  (Fort Myers) - 2012

"More than met expectations - you did a fabulous job from staging to the end of the process - including communications. Given that this sale came about due to the death of my best friend, I can't thank you enough for treating me and the whole situation with respect and such sensitivity."

Cindy B. (Naples) - 2012

" Everything was great! I'm glad you handled matters and took care of what needed to be done; saving me time and aggravation. Thanks for the hard work."

Dennis T. (Cape Coral) - 2012

"We were amazed at how complete the service was. We would recommend Élan Estate Sales."

Donna K. (Naples) - 2012

"While I have done this in the past my experience this time was much more pleasant! I would recommend Elan Estate Sales."

Ed O. (Cape Coral) -  2012

"Did well, made more money than I expected. Thanks for everything!"

Pat I. (Naples) - 2012

"I want to thank you for a super job. Your attention to detail and your relationship with me, as your client was both professional and considerate. Everything that was promised was delivered."

Charles L. (Naples) - 2012

"OMG you far exceeded our expectations! So professional, so helpful, we are delighted with your results. We have already recommended you."

Trisha L. (Cape Coral) - 2012

"Your professionalism, yet caring attitude and attention to detail, made a difficult time more bearable for us. We would be happy to recommend the Élan Estate Sales team!"

Robert L. (Cape Coral) - 2012

"You did very well! I am pleased with your work. I would definitely recommend your services."

Colleen C. (Fort Myers) - 2012

"You made this difficult time so much easier for us. We are from out of state and Elan Estate Sales did a great job helping us to sell my mother's belongings and do an appraisal in a short time. I would definitely recommend Élan Estate Sales."

Keith J. (North Fort Myers) - 2012

"Very organized and a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend Élan Estate Sales."

2010 - present

2010 - present